Photo credit: Todd Whalberg

Photo credit: Todd Whalberg

Filmed, Edited, and Directed by Tehben and Jebarri Dean

Animal Eyes - Where We Go
Recorded & Produced by Animal Eyes
Mixed by Edgar McRae
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves of Telegraph Mastering

Filmed, Edited, and Directed by Tehben and Jabarri Dean Performer/Contortionist - Daniel Sloan Music by Animal Eyes

Since Animal Eyes moved to Portland from Alaska five years ago, the band has progressed steadily towards discovering the edges of where rock, pop, and psychedelic meet. Their experiments with pop formula and energetic live performance have landed Animal Eyes gigs alongside indie heroes Foals and Menomena, as well as festival spots at SXSW and Treefort Music Festival. The group has toured the West Coast extensively, and is gearing up to hit the road again in summer of 2016 in support of their upcoming album “Where We Go,” scheduled for release May 20th, 2016.

Their 2013 release, “Ursus,” saw the band pulling away from the folk-infused compositions of their 2011 debut “Found in the Forest,” into a realm of angular rock music. ‘Mushroom Hunter’ is the first single released from “Where We Go.” The song showcases the band’s signature off-kilter grooves, twisted pop song structures, and layered vocal melodies, conjuring comparisons to The Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective.

“Where We Go” was written during turbulent times. Relationships were ending and beginning. A good friend died and a brother nearly died. A good deal of the writing on the album is a product of attempts to sort out how relationships, romantic or familial, shape everyone involved in them, and how they continue to affect identity even as those people move away from each other, spatially and emotionally. The album ended up being part light-hearted and part tense, because as serious as all of it can get, there is a certain silliness and awkwardness to the human learning experience.

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“On their latest single, ‘Mushroom Hunter’, the band employs some new psyched out tricks. That guitar part at 2:05 sounds like you’re snagging some coins in a bizzaro Super Mario Brothers. It’s unlike anything we’ve heard from the band yet and if it’s any sign of things to come, we’re all in for something weird.”  – Static + Distance

“Throwing any trace of traditional pop structure out within the first twenty seconds, leaving room for the band to run wild. Energetic but not spastic, the song sprints in pop, psych rock, and world music directions – all at the same time. Without any boundaries, Animal Eyes use ‘Bender’ to throw anything and everything they can at the wall. Miraculously, it all sticks.” – KEXP’s ‘Song of the Day’


5/12     Portland           Mississippi Studios Album Release w/Fauna Shade (seattle)/Sama Dams
6/3       Seattle              Sunset Tavern w/Fauna Shade/TBA
6/24     Los Angeles     Bootleg Theatre w/Plants & Animals (LA)
7/15     Timber Music Festival


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